Micha Schlüter - Nichtschwimmer (CD) (5871700213913)

Micha Schlueter - non-swimmers (CD)


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The most exciting stories happen right on our doorstep. Whether in the small corner pub, in the kebab shop next door, between shopping shelves or in the living room at home. The Stuttgart singer-songwriter Micha Schlueter tells small suburban dramas about everyday panic, job fuss, mental pain and relationship problems.
He studied classical guitar and has been touring all over Germany in recent years both as a soloist and in various ensembles. In 2011 he released the EP “Herbstzeitlos” under the project name “von esther”. After the old school of singer-songwriters, reduced to guitar and vocals, the album ".108" followed, which the magazine "Akustik instrumente" described as "a wonderfully authentic album" (issue 6/13).
On his album "Nachschwimmer" he worked together with various guest musicians. Here he combines influences from folk, jazz, gypsy and pop with classical songwriting.

01 The Night of Cairo
02 Nice actually
03 time-lapse images
04 I don't know
05 My wellness vacation in the Neurosengarten
06 Come back
07 I'm still alive
08 A parking space, luck or you
09 Driftwood
10 The memory is enough (Esther's waltz)
11 Strange City
12 Sophia & Klaus