Micha Schlüter - Schimpanse & Kanone (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906923683993)

Micha Schlueter - Chimpanzee & Cannon (12" vinyl album)


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Folk songs in the best singer-songwriter tradition and 1930s swing in the Django spirit meet rough and punky beats. Together with his band, the Stuttgart musician Micha Schlueter presents a varied album with different facets on his new long player "Schimpanse & Kanone". He calls it "Indieswing" and "Jazzy Folkpunk".
He learned his craft at the music college and has released an EP in recent years and now his third album, "Schimpanse & Kanone".
In 2012 he founded the FeierabendKollektiv with musician friends, which caused a sensation with the annual Vive la Vie Festival in Stuttgart. Micha is on the road live with his band or in a duo with collective colleague Florijan van der Holz. In addition to songwriting, he is also the frontman of the band bellalebwohl.

1. Chimpanzee & Cannon
2. Stuttgart calling
3. Danger!
4. Rome
5. My dear diary
6. A new day
7. How are you
8. Berlin
9. Crazy
10. With glacier-splitting eyes
11. The bright colors
12. Eyes closed
13. boy
14. Sun