Michael Flexig presenta Combo Colossale e Amici - Porto Allegro (CD) (5871710634137)

Michael Flexig presenta Combo Colossal e Amici - Porto Allegro (CD)


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Whenever the name Michael Flexig is heard in Hanover, the first thing that comes up is the name Combo Colossale. In 1982, his band at the time created one of the great cult and party hits of the Neue Deutsche Welle with the hit "Dolls don't cry" which has remained indispensable at parties throughout Germany to this day. The second single "Julia", taken from the self-titled album, also reached top positions in the German airplay charts, "Drinnen Tanz sie Samba" (single no. 3) became THE samba par excellence in the dance schools and discotheques of the German nation in 1983, while the German original version of the Slade classic "My-Oh-My" by the Combo Colossal ("Ice and Fire - My-oh-My") in 1984 was able to unmistakably build on the sales figures of "Puppen Weinen nicht". Unfortunately, the demise of the NDW brought the combo colossal an end much too early, but on the other hand gave the artist Flexig the opportunity to record the album "Uli Jon Roth's Electric Sun - Beyond The Astral Skies" with the former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth. Finally, through Uli, contact was made with his brother, Zeno Roth - and together with Ule W. Ritgen the album "ZENO - ZENO" was recorded. Live performances with the English super band "Queen", among others, helped Flexig's new band to ensure that their album reached the TOP 50 of the US Billboard charts and stayed there for more than 3 months. The re-release of ZENO's debut album in Japan in 1993 even made it to 11th place in the charts of the Land of the Rising Sun. Further works followed with ZENO, ECHO PARK and ULI JON ROTH, which even made it to number 2 in the Japanese charts in 1998 thanks to Flexig's participation as lead vocalist. But the singer never really let go of his roots and so it was only logical to celebrate the 20th anniversary live with the combo Colossale in 2002 before Flexig finally parted ways with ZENO in 2005. The combo Colossale's 1983 album has never been released on CD, which is incomprehensible given the success of the time. This situation is now finally being remedied. The 2015 album "Porto Allegro" contains not only all the original album titles but also all NON-album singles and four completely new numbers that fit wonderfully into the overall picture. The album is packed with 21 tracks. More modern, harder - and yet always recognizable, the album "Michael Flexig presenta Combo Colossale e Amici - Porto Allegro" shows that even after more than thirty years, the cult of the "CC" is still very much alive - and in this way from the past the NDW bridge leads into the future. Come si presenta realmente the situation? "Michael Flexig presenta Combo Colossale e Amici - Porto Allegro" stands for German fun punk in the best NDW tradition, and not for Italo pop, as the band's name, which sounds Italian, might suggest. But it's cool, everyone knows that.

01 At the port
02 Julia
03 Here (The Republic Needs Heroes)
04 Elizabeth - Serenade
05 Wolfgang Amadeus
06 little tree
07 Zeppelin (A Zeppelin in East Berlin)
08 Dolls Don't Cry
09 Bread & Games
10 No time for me
11 Carefree
12 financial genius
13 Plaice and Flounders
14 Inside they dance the samba
15 We go with the galley