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Michael Lane - Linger on (CD)


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Michael Lane asks us to follow him. Into a world full of infinite possibilities. Completely free and without any restrictions we would live if we could only break through to this parallel side of ourselves. At least that's how he describes it on his opener "Break Through", the first track on his new album "Linger On". But what exactly awaits us there and how do we achieve this breakthrough? "Linger On" offers an insight into this topic and that through songs about dreaming, reflecting and changing.
The German-American knows many sides of life. While he was still fighting as a soldier in the US Army in Iraq and later in Afghanistan at the age of 20, he now makes a living from music. He has already been able to grasp both extremes of human life: separation and unity. “As a soldier, I witnessed the cruel absurdity of war. It is inconceivable to me what must happen in other people to make such conditions possible. After that it was clear to me that I had to find a way to do something about this madness in my own way. Music was my key. It connects people and I want to contribute to it.”
So Mike picks up where he started with his debut album "Sweet Notes", released in 2014. While the follow-up work "The Middle" (release: 2016) delved deeper into the matter, "Linger On" is the temporary peak of his artistic creativity. The album revolves around visions of a world in balance. The title track describes the wish that the beautiful and true in us should last. If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself. So we should stay and continue on our way. Don't look away, act. "There will be a voice inside your heart, still and clear. That tells you everything about us. We are near.” as heard in the title “The Night”. With this, the artist points out that one is not alone. In our hearts we already know that there are many allies out there walking the same path.
Mike produced "Linger On" almost entirely by himself. Immediately you feel the direct intimacy of the record, which immediately captivates us. Using simple means, Mike moves each element to where it belongs and also surprises with unexpected twists and sounds. While "The Middle" was kept puristic and clear, the artist developed his sound significantly further with "Linger On" and relies on flat arrangements and dreamy drum sounds. Along with the themes of content, the sound of the record fits seamlessly with Mike's visionary ideas.
Linger On builds the bridge between the wonderful utopia of people without fears and the harsh reality in which we live. With a large portion of devotion, the artist stimulates us to take a journey into our inner being. In the hope that we will find the key to our true self and our actual consciousness there. In this sense: Linger On.

01 Breakthrough
02 Wolf Lodge
03 Linger On
04 The Night
05 Dream Alice Dream
06 Alone In Denver
07 Fighting With You
08 Medicine Man
09 Good Morning Sat
10 The Sweetest Thing
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