Michael Lane - The Middle (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906921259161)

Michael Lane - The Middle (12" vinyl album)


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The story of the German-American singer/songwriter Michael Lane begins in Nuremberg in 1986. He was born there to a German mother and a US GI. After the family moved to the American state of Wisconsin in 1993, he joined the US Army at the age of 20, which sent him to the Iraq war for 15 months and later to Afghanistan. And it is this experience that shows him his true purpose as a musician.
By realizing the futility of war, Michael Lane learns that there is nothing more important than the moment and the time you have. Time that is too valuable to give away. Today, Michael Lane loves and lives in the moment. And he captures it in his songs.
With his debut album "Sweet Notes", released in 2014, Michael Lane finally broke free and was able to establish himself in the German singer/songwriter scene straight away. This is followed by small, great concerts all over Germany, where he inspires audiences and media alike with his incredibly warm voice.
Compared to his debut, the artist also takes a clear step towards the essence of the song in terms of composition and production. On "The Middle" the listener always finds very reduced, organic and strongly influenced by acoustic instruments songs between modern folk, indie and pop, which find their way into the ear undisguised. "The Middle" is carried by Michael Lane's direct and warm voice, which invites you to be drawn into the music's pull, but also to think and listen. The intensity of the album "The Middle" clearly marks the peak so far of the extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter.

Side A
01 Let's Forget About It
02 Whereever I Go
03 Runnin' Away
04 My Old Man
05 Ladybug
06 My Home

Side B
07 Bitter Heart
08 In The Middle
09 Why I Love You
10 Life And Its Lessons
11 Wake Up Next To You