Michael Van Merwyk And Bluesoul - Ease My Pain (CD) (5871745368217)

Michael Van Merwyk And Bluesoul - Ease My Pain (CD)


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The blues vice world champions present their second CD "Ease My Pain". With their fresh and independent “American Blues - Euro Style”, MvM & Bluesoul attracted the attention of listeners and judges from the start in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge (IBC). Now the 2-meter-hen from Rheda-Wiedenbrück is on the road with Bluesoul on the European stages with the acoustic program of the mini-CD "Ease My Pain", which is suitable for the chilled summer feeling.
Like the previous CD “New Road”, “Ease My Pain” was of course completely self-made: recorded, mixed and mastered in “Skinny Joe's Roof” studio and provided with a beautiful cover by Michael van Merwyk. "In this way we can ensure that the finished product exactly meets our expectations," says Michael van Merwyk - the man is right! Musically, this band cannot be pigeonholed. "American Roots" is the musical title of this versatile band, which always packs various elements such as blues, jazz, soul and funk up to rock music in the guise of self-composed songs. “In terms of our musical development, I see this band in the category of“ collective singer / songwriters ”because we work on the songs together. Our origins in blues music are always palpable, although we as Europeans always fall back on different styles of music. This is part of our identity ”, says singer and guitarist Michael van Merwyk.
The reason given by the international jurors for the positive assessment of the band in 2013 in Memphis was, among other things, the originality of their own compositions. Permanent “standing ovations” from the audience in the final of the IBC also underpinned the lyrical qualities of the songs. The musical performance of the band and the sympathetic, always audience-oriented entertainment were also praised. Anyone who has ever seen this band live will understand what was meant by it.

01 Blues Keeps Calling My Name
02 Happy Man
03 Cheeky Darling
04 A Soul Ain't Worth a Dime
05 I Love Thinking About My Baby
06 Ease My Pain