Michael Van Merwyk - Catching The Rain (CD) (5948065480857)

Michael Van Merwyk - Catching The Rain (CD)


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The leader of the East Westphalian Blue Soul presents a rousing, contemporary metropolitan solo album - even though Rheda-Wiedenbrück is a few thousand miles from Memphis. Cool grooves, masculine singing, strong songwriting, excellent musicians - an album as strong as a bear

01 Watch Out!
02 Hard Way To Go
03 Shut Up!
04 Here Comes Love
05 Cheeky Darling
06 I Love Thinking About My Baby
07 Tell Me Ya´ll
08 If You Want Me To Leave
09 A Soul Ain´t Worth A Dime
10 The Boogalizer
11 Smile And Walk
12 Love Grown Cold
13 Nothing But Life
14 Oh Yeah! 4.0