Michael Witte & Band - Zirkushimmel (CD) (5871684092057)

Michael Witte & Band - Circus Heaven (CD)


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Honest texts with a mirror effect flow through characterful melodies - that is Michael Witte's signet on his fourth album "Zirkushimmel". With an expressive voice and musical personality, the singer and guitarist combines elements of rock, pop, jazz, country and soul. Crossing genres, a large number of accompanying musicians alternate with a wide variety of instruments. The result is a sophisticated song chronology that grows as you listen and leaves room for each song in its uniqueness.

01 Now and here
02 The presence of silence
03 thousand kilometers
04 The laughter is on me
05 Just one day
06 You can only get me alive
07 Circus heaven
08 Sea view
09 Through the night
10 The Secret
11 The way I walk
12 You Can Only Get Me Alive (orchestral version)