Michael Witte - Der Hase Leben (CD) (5906925060249)

Michael Witte - The Hare Life (CD)


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The motif of the record cover is, so to speak, the common thread of the fifth album by the song lyricist Michael Witte. An emotional curriculum vitae begins with the rocking title song and the following titles honestly describe the imponderability in which goals and hope are not lost. "If your summit has long been full of foreign flags - then show everyone what's still possible" Supplemented by the saxophone of Osnabrück companion Tommy Schneller, Witte has recorded all the tracks himself for the first time and the spectrum of instruments used and cross-genre coloring ensures a successful arc of suspense .
After the powerful start of the first half, the songs are increasingly devoted to looking back, to accompany the listener “Nach Heimat” in the last piece. Once there, many impressions remain. Above all, having a concept album in front of you that tells its universal and transferrable story. Michael Witte lives in Aachen and, in addition to his songs, also writes and produces music for dance theater and film projects. Live he presents his music with a lot of sympathy and authenticity in solo concerts and with the support of his experienced band. The remixed title "I don't want to see you" was published as a video in 2016 as part of a charity campaign.
There was a lot of praise and recognition for this, especially from fellow musicians. In addition, the lyrics appeared in the book publication "Between coming and staying" with an essay by Michael Witte.

01 The bunny life
02 Your own 10th
03 What else is possible
04 I don't want to see you
05 To the point of no longer
06 The salt in our eyes
07 long ago
08 Home