Michael Witte & Band - Straßen & Kurven (CD) (5906918178969)

Michael Witte & Band - Roads & Curves (CD)


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On his second album "Straßen und Curves" the singer and songwriter Michael Witte tells us that there is more out there in compassionate lyrics about the unpredictability of life, immortal memories, everyday tragedy and glimmering hope.
With his band he changes musical moods between pop, rock, folk and rough hillbilly charm and his musical guests skilfully set accents with wind instruments, concertina and dulcimer.

01 Better late than never
02 This night and beyond
03 roads and curves
04 Tell me
05 Old love
06 tinplate walls
07 Where to go
08 Out There
09 Again only
10 ocean in me
11 Shadow Walkers
12 Turn off the light
13 Every shard