Michaela Kuti - Atmen (CD) (5871807856793)

Michaela Kuti - Breathe (CD)


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Breathe in and out, take a deep breath, take a breath. Of second chances and rediscovered possibilities. From the first breaths of a young life to a world that is slowly but surely running out of breath. With her music, Michaela Kuti creates an atmosphere that bewitches and touches. Their songs are little odes in their own right, showing that there is someone who has something to say. The singer and songwriter's new album "Atmen" includes eight pop song pearls in German, arranged and produced by Conny Conrad with purely acoustic instruments. Catchy melodies, emotional themes and profound lyrics, paired with a modern and fresh pop sound are the recipe for the success of this album. Breathing is like music flowing through all veins. Far and deep, light and heavy, here and now at the same time.

01 Made of glass
02 dawn clouds
03 roots and wings
04 Breathe
05 let me go
06 Lifetime
07 From above
08 stop (stop the world)