Mickey Meinert - Bewegungen (CD) (5871748776089)

Mickey Meinert - Movements (CD)


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After a few years, with many - also international - tours, it's finally done: The album "Movements" by the renowned sideman guitarist Mickey Meinert, which has been polished down to the smallest detail, is available. He has collected 14 songs on his record, which can best be summarized with the term "global singer/songwriting". Mostly in German, but also enriched with French, English and, thanks to guest musicians, also with Corsican and African vocal passages.

01 movements
02 Lone rider
03 Orion
04 Melancolie feat. Stephane Mangiantini & Gilles Chabenat
05 Byestehn
06 Love Implanted
07 Verita feat. Cesar Anot & Stephane Mangiantini
08 Rock 'n' Roll Monument
09 Stella From The Stars
10 Jimi
11 After the Storm feat. Stephane Mangiantini
12 Good Sun
13 Cesar's Bike feat. Cesar Anot
14 Alex The Wolf feat. Laurence Dupuis & Loic Taillebrest