Miles Beneath - Illusions (CD) (5871757623449)

Miles Beneath - Illusions (CD)


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A five-piece metalcore band that formed in late 2013 and wants to show what's beneath the tips of the icebergs in a world that only deals with the obvious. They make atypical Metalcore, in which they don't impose any limits and find the most diverse influences.
In 2017 they released their debut album, consisting of ten songs that reflect this diversity and variety. There is no rehearsed choreography, no image. Here are five guys who do whatever they want, with a passion. It has already been seen as support for bands such as Thy art is Murder, For Today, More than a thousand, Novelists, Make them Suffer, Silent Planet, Walking Dead on Broadway, Eskimo Callboy, as an opener at the Knockdown Festival 2015 in Karlsruhe, and as part of the EMP Rawr Party in Bochum. With the debut album "Illusions" Miles Beneath want to reach even more people with their songs and bring their views and opinions to the public to uncover grievances and do their part.

01 Spheres
02 Rise And Fall
03 Now Or Never
04 Illusions
05 Afterlife
06 Ajna
07 Tear Us Down
08 Thicker Than Water
09 Catching Fire
10 2029