Miriam Netti - La Bossa (CD) (5871733670041)

Miriam Netti - La Bossa (CD)


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An espresso, a San Pellegrino with lemon and later in the evening a nice glass of Italian red wine. With her new album LA BOSSA, the singer Miriam Netti, who comes from Apulia, takes her listeners on a musical journey to Italy, in which the elegance and grace of the early 1960s resonate alongside modernity. Fresh, multifaceted, rhythmically elegant, melodic, virtuosic and with a subtle international flair.

01 Piccole mele verdi
02 April la porta
03 Maddalena
04 Cominciar di nuovo
05 Love In Portofino
06 diva
07 Incompatibility
08 Neruda
09 Lontano lontano
10 La più bella del mondo
11 details
12 Ottobre
13 Un disco