Mirko Santocono - Meine Zukunft ist anders (CD) (5871791833241)

Mirko Santocono - My future is different (CD)


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Entertainment music and artistic standards are not opposites. The unmistakable sound of the singer-songwriter is not only catchy - it captivates his listeners and doesn't let them go. The lyrics, which are as catchy as they are sensitive, become the framework for a musical image that unmistakably comes from the young artist. So it's no wonder that radio stations all over Germany presented the debut single "Colors" produced by Edo Zanki and his fan base grew from concert to concert. The young artist played over 150 gigs in 2017/18. "I also try to be close to my fans - my friends. They are also the inspiration I need for new songs". Stereoact ("Die immer lacht") also became aware of one of his songs and gave "Long Journey Big World" a contemporary dance guise. The rousing, now danceable track is of course also on the new album "Lockermachen & durchverbindungen", which entered the official German album charts at number 26 in 2017. Mirko is not a cheap plagiarism but an excellent one-off. Mirko Santocono's first album, which is a result of ambitious diligence and passionate creativity, will also prove this. The spectrum ranges from sophisticated ballads to classic pop sounds. No matter in which direction his musical ship is sailing, his fans are happy to go on a long journey with him.

01 My future is different
02 colors
03 Thinking of you
04 Long journey
05 dream images
06 at home
07 Sea of ​​Crystal
08 heart sounds
09 in the middle of September
10 wagon 7
11 Thoughts are free