Mischpoke - Bloyer fun blo... (CD) (5871731769497)

Mischpoke - Bloyer fun blo... (CD)


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On this album, Mischpoke takes the listener to the sunny side of life: joyful, hopeful, loving, funny, but also suffering and melancholic.
Without forgetting the spirit of klezmorim, the five Hamburg musicians mix traditional with jazz, classical and world music to create a highly varied and dynamic sound atlas with dances, songs and virtuoso instrumental pieces. So the old sounds new and in the "new" you can hear the beautiful, often old melodies that leave no audience untouched.

01 the heyser (tartar tans)
02 zol zayn
03 sholem aleykhem, rov Feidman
04 freelakh 6
05 abi gezunt / Minor Swing
06 volcano
07 terk in america
08 a ganeyve / bay mayn rebn iz gevezn
09 children-yorn
10 shpilt klezmorimlakh
11 Suita Lautareska
12 yidl with fidl
13 youkali