Mischpoke - Dos lebn iz a krayz (CD) (5871677767833)

Mischpoke - Dos lebn iz a krayz (CD)


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“Life is a circle, we will meet again. Then we know that the moment is not an eternity.
The new Mischpoke program is inspired by the cycle of life. The band embarks on a journey into the past and future at the same time and yet has both feet firmly planted in the here and now.
Traditional songs in a new guise alternate with original compositions that sound as if they had just been rediscovered. Life-affirming songs are about love, work, family, friends, suffering, hope and of course the incomparable, typically Yiddish combination of melancholy and wit.
For 10 years now, Mischpoke has been putting all its experience from 10 years of togetherness on the scales and still discovering something new again and again. The 5 musicians let all their individual experiences from folklore, classical music and jazz flow into the arrangements without forgetting the spirit of klezmorim.

01 Intro - ajde jano
02 Meron tune
03 Di grine kuzine
04 Hora - hora - freylekhs
05 Jamparale
06 mazl
07 Fidl volakh
08 Tants fun di tarantl
09 Oyfn pripetshik
10 Vayl ikh bin a tsvayg
11 lawsuit night
12 fun tashlakh
13 Zemer atic
14 Romanian hora/black jack grove
15 Dos lebn iz a krayz