Mischpoke - Heymland (CD)
Mischpoke - Heymland (CD)

Mischpoke - Heymland (CD)


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Homeland - what is that?
place or feeling? Am I coming from here? do i go there Or have I never been there?
The Hamburg band Mischpoke explores these socially highly topical and at the same time very personal questions on their fifth album "Heymland" with traditional, newly arranged and self-composed songs. And anyone who hears the deeply passionate playing of this extraordinary formation will feel very clearly: Mischpoke has found her home in music. In the coexistence of cultures and genres between klezmer, jazz, tango, world music and classical music. Heimat is a wildly dancing violin, a casually grooving piano, a gently searching clarinet. And at Mischpoke, home is above all the tense interplay of five strong artistic personalities. How they listen to each other, intuitively complement each other or consciously create breaks, how they very quietly touch the soul, only to unleash a furious euphoria shortly afterwards, how each voice comes into its own in the collective - all this is a stimulating experience. Mischpoke's concerts seem like a great musical challenge to make our life together full of joy and at the same time respectful.

01 The heyser bulgar
02 Dzhankoye
03 Amayles troym
04 Clock
05 Mayn shtetele belz
06 Babaşazi
07 Amariszi amari
08 Krumbadi
09 crazy bulgar
10 Dona reloaded
11 Likhtics
12 Homeland
13 Pauline's tants