Miss Rockester - A Ride On Either Side (CD) (5871694381209)

Miss Rockester - A Ride On Either Side (CD)


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Miss Rockester alias Silvana Mehnert, known as the singer of the nationally and internationally known a-cappella pop band "medlz" from Dresden, embarks on strong solo paths. 12 songs that not only go in well, but also come out damn well live.
The connecting element on this disc is her changeable voice. From tender empathy to womanly rock voice, she navigates the listener almost playfully through her different song spheres. A record for everyone - from energetic to melancholic, from electronic to classic, from rock to balladesque, from LOUD to quiet and last but not least from English to German. All this without ever losing sight of the big picture of the work. Pop music is not reinvented here. Here, with great attention to detail, the full potential is drawn from. From 2014, Miss Rockester will go on tour live and will definitely set one or the other catchy tune. Having fun at the perfect show.

01 Stronger
02 Summer Waves Goodbye
03 A Beautiful Lie
04 Only When
05 The Promise
06 Out There
07 Northern Lights
08 Jealousy
09 My heart
10 So I cry to you
11 sidereal time
12 I belong here