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Miss Rockester - This Moment (CD)


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Miss Rockester is the solo project in which the singer, composer and lyricist Silvana Mehnert (known from the a cappella band "medlz") has been giving a musical insight into her soul since 2012. For her third album "Dieser Moment" she ventures into new territory in three ways: For the first time Miss Rockester has recorded an album with an orchestra, for the first time she sings songs exclusively in German and for the first time you can hear a purely instrumental piece from her. With the Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen under the direction of Tobias Engeli, she has brought a strong musical partner to her side for the special project, who inspires a large audience throughout Saxony with programs from classical to pop.
The 40 orchestra musicians reinforce the Miss Rockester quartet consisting of guitar (Thomas Hübel), cello (Benni Cellini), percussion (Stephan Salewski) and bass (Adrian Kehlbacher) with orchestral arrangements by Tim Jäckel and Andreas Goldmann. The album includes nine brand new songs by Miss Rockester as well as three tracks that appeared on her previous albums and are now heard for the first time in rich orchestral sound: "My River", "I Belong Here" and "Up to the End". For Silvana Mehnert, a childhood dream comes true with this special project: “I already thought at my first concert with the Dresden Philharmonic Children’s Choir that at some point I would like to sing alone with the orchestra. At that time I was standing directly behind the drums in Beethoven's 9th symphony. I remember it was very loud, but I was still totally impressed," says the singer. At that time she was eight years old, today this dream has come true. The overarching theme of the new CD is homeland, as Miss Rockester's songs describe inner and outer landscapes, which she passionately turns into sound. Her lyrics are interwoven with a quiet poetry, they deal with places of well-being, special moments and people, with the feelings that some encounters often unexpectedly wash into our lives. Nature and the conscious handling of our world are topics that move Silvana Mehnert and appear in her music. In addition, literature is a great source of inspiration for the singer. After she translated poems by Annette Droste-Hülshoff, John Keats and William Shakespeare into her musical language on her album "Songs, Poems & Stars", she has now dedicated her own ode to her hometown of Radebeul by setting the nature poem "Adé" by Karl May to music .
Working with the Elbland Philharmonie Sachsen opened up new horizons and new opportunities for Miss Rockester. The sound of their songs has conquered a new dimension. What has remained are the personal stories that are taken from real life and flow deep from the heart. It's the same with their first instrumental piece: “It's called 'Aotearoa', like the name of New Zealand in Maori, and describes a landscape that fascinated me incredibly. Every word would have been superfluous for this composition, so it has now become a small orchestral piece in four parts and seven minutes long," she says - and thus arouses anticipation for all twelve world premieres associated with the album release.

01 This moment
02 My river
03 I want
04 To the end
05 You will follow me
06 Everything has its time
07 Oh man
08 Aotearoa
09 anchor
10 goodbye
11 I belong here
12 farewell
13 Everything has its time (piano version)