Miss Rockester - Songs, Poems & Stars (CD) (5871764471961)

Miss Rockester - Songs, Poems & Stars (CD)


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After their debut album "A ride on either side" comes the second coup. The protagonist and composer, Silvana Mehnert, seems to have arrived with her new CD "Songs, Poems & Stars" and found her very own musical signature and identity. An enchanting mixture of original compositions, poem settings and musical memories are woven into a coherent overall work, which does not require any great technical gimmicks and is bursting with handmade naturalness. Her multifaceted voice takes you on a journey into the past on "Every Fair" (Shakespeare Sonnet 18), dwells on the present on "Hold Me Tight" and offers hope for a brighter future on "Breathe In". But the second album does not close itself to serious and critical thoughts. Songs like "Ticket to the sky" and "Mein Fluss" also illuminate the darker sides of our time, but never without losing hope for the light at the end of the tunnel.

01 Every Fair (Shakespeare Sonnet 18)
02 My river
03 Ticket To The Sky
04 Hold me tight
05 Breathe In
06 To the end
07 Human
08 The Old Castle (poem by Annette Droste-Hülshoff)
09 Fairy Song (Poem by John Keats)
10 Ode to the Stars
11 Northern Lights
12 I belong here