Missilia - Heartbeat Of Life (CD) (5871738126489)

Missilia - Heartbeat Of Life (CD)


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"Heartbeat Of Life" is the name of the new EP by Leipzig singer and songwriter Missilia. The young artist wants to touch hearts with profound lyrics and melodies that go into the ear and stay there. English and German lyrics and a mixture of pop, soul and singer-songwriter form a colorful mix to listen to and resonate with. Missilia's singing and piano playing were musically supported by Alexander Wurlitzer on guitar, Kevin Rödiger on bass and Toni Wendenburg on drums. The songs all come from her own pen and meanwhile the young artist travels all over Germany with her music in her luggage.

01 Where Is My Home
02 Jungle World
03 Heartbeat Of Life
04 Standing in the rain
05 Spirit In The Sky
06 Love yourself