Missilia - Metanorpos (CD) (5871696871577)

Missilia - Metanorpos (CD)


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Characterized by singer-songwriter, folk and pop styles, pianist and singer Franziska Potyralla aka Missilia releases a life-affirming, joyful debut album with "Metanorpos". The musicians have been touring Germany under the pseudonym "Missilia" since 2010 and have been able to attract a broad audience at over 150 concerts in Saxony, Thuringia, Berlin and various festivals. Their individual sound should captivate the listeners again in 2014, as part of an album tour, and take them on a joyful sound journey. A video for the single "A Better Day" was also shot to coincide with the release.

01 intro
02 You Make Me Feel
03 A Better Day
04 where are you
05 Change the World
06 I feel good
07 Motherearth & Fatherheaven
08 On My Way
09 It's okay
10 Dead in My Head
11 This Time