Mo Klé - Fighter In The Sky (CD) (5871785869465)

Mo Klé - Fighter In The Sky (CD)

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Mo Klé aka René Grünenfelder writes songs and sings them. That makes him a singer-songwriter, a songwriter. He writes them, mostly at night, always with a guitar on his knees and a pen in his hand. The Swiss musician grew up with his parents' love for the folk and pop music of the 60s and 70s. Nevertheless, as a teenager he was drawn to punk. He earned his spurs there in a band for 10 years and gained stage experience. Today he strikes much calmer tones, which are based on the old folk singers. The DIY attitude and the claim to stimulate thought with his texts have remained.
While some keep a diary to record their thoughts, Mo Klé writes songs. He tells his stories with English or German texts and sets them to music with guitar and harmonica. Songwriting helps him not to take himself and everything around him too seriously. A lot of songs have been created over the years. He released six of them with his debut EP "Fighter In The Sky" on January 25, 2019. The slow estrangement between friends, the lack of understanding about the German grandfather who lost his youth in World War II and times keep changing wishing back and inner struggles with oneself are themes that can be found on the EP. Of course, love shouldn't be missing either.
The single "Mercenary" will be released on November 16, 2018. The song is carried by a sweet and sad cello melody and packs the feeling of wasting your life for the ideals of others.
The recordings were made in Winterthur's Casablanca Recording Studios by Jo Eberhard. Jo Eberhard was once Mo Klé's guitar teacher. The two share a passion for playing the guitar and great singer-songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Hannes Wader. Central to the recording process were Mo Klé's vocal, harmonica and guitar tracks. Atmosphere not perfection were in the foreground. Drums (Kevin Akermann), bass (Jo Eberhard), cello (Isabel Gehweiler), saxophone (Nicola Holenstein) were arranged and recorded around the takes.

2. Desire
3. If I Die
4. Faded vision
5. The War Song
6. On The Balcony