Moes Anthill - Quitter (12" Doppel-Vinyl-Album) (5871789539481)

Moes Anthill - Quitter (12" double vinyl album)


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Moes Anthill write new chapters of songwriting with their upcoming album "Quitter". Right on the border between neo-folk, Americana & pop - "Quitter" is merciless, an attempted step backwards and a break from local tradition.
The five-piece band flies with the greatest musical force and fine acoustic arrangements. Driven by the dense songwriting of Uri singer Mario Moe Schelbert and his banjo and guitar picking, each song becomes a work of art. Moes Anthill spring from their own roots. A band that reinterprets folk, they showed greatness by crafting their music from filigree work.
Her trademark is innovation, contrary to general favours. No song sounds like the other: great quotes are built up and torn down again at the same time; this lets Moe's voice crumble away beautifully and guitar walls finally rattle properly again. They are a catalyst of the scene: timeless and yet never been there.
Their songs, whose influences arise from a deep freshness and have been washed with all waters from Robert Plant to Fleet Foxes, painfully get under your skin. The perfect guide to getting off.

01. Retire, Restore!
02 New Age
03 Everyone Gets A Balloon
04 Yours Is Mine

01 Virtual World
02 No Name Brass Band
03 Worthwhile Waiting

01 Finding Stones
02 And Yet It Moves
03 Quitter

RECORD 1 SIDE B (Moes Anthill String Quartet)
01 mainstream
02 Trouble
03 Everyone Gets A Balloon
04 Retire, Restore!