Mojo Brothers - The Man / Good Bye Baby (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871807004825)

Mojo Brothers - The Man / Good Bye Baby (7" vinyl single)

OLR 86

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The fuzz guitar bangs out riffs, the organ delivers beat and bass, the two-part harmony tells melodic-melancholic stories about being dumped. The brothers from Augsburg have not only been stirring up the garage scene since yesterday, but since their debut in 2016. For the second single, the brothers, Roman and Matthias, teamed up again with off label records from Donauwörth. With "The Man" and "Goodbye Baby" the two with the sound of three now deliver the Faust 2 of their 60s rock interpretation: even groovier, even heavier, even more resonant.

01 The Man

02 Goodbye baby