Mojo Juju - Must Be Desire / Psycho (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906920538265)

Mojo Juju - Must Be Desire / Psycho (12" Vinyl Album)


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What awaits you: A blues/rockabilly/garage lady with more guts than 500 German Hillbillies together! Smooth, glamorous and laden with sin! We're talking music that could make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window! MOJO JUJU sings songs that sound like that night you can't quite remember, in that bar you'd swear you've never been, with this girl that, word of honor, you've never seen before.
Influenced (but never copied) by the sounds of jump, hoodoo and early blues, boogie pachuco, rock 'n' roll and a little bump & grind, Mojo has created something undeniably original. “Vintage rock 'n' roll licks, howling jazz and grinding juke joint blues. Juju has done to her genre what Lanie Lane has done to country music,” writes the Sydney Morning Herald. The founding member of the noir punk/garage/swing band The Snake Oil Merchants released her debut solo album in September 2012 - a collection of songs that get to the bottom of vice and its consequences: they are songs about recklessness and Regret, love, infidelity, death, trains, cars and bad, bad hangovers. Condensed with images of truck stops, rest stops, dive bars and cheap motels - this is a soundtrack to life on the road!

01 Must be desired
02 Psycho