Monaco Fränzy - Schmucklos (CD) (5871817490585)

Monaco Fränzy - Unadorned (CD)


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The soundtrack to the Bavarian comedy is unadorned Unadorned (in cinemas from November 21, 2019) and debut album by the band Monaco Fränzy. Unadorned is a buddy comedy in which two friends open an inn with only one drink, one meal and one CD that plays on a continuous loop. And that is exactly the album by the band Monaco Fränzy. And now you can also listen to the songs from the inn at home. Almost the entire Schmucklos team acted as songwriters, primarily Franziska Zawila, Stefan Fent, Kathi Kubsch, Thomas Schwendemann, Yuzo Konishi, Simon Zawila and Chris Limburg. The album was produced by Chris Limburg (Lictoc-music).

01 Unadorned Theme (Soundtrack)
02 superstar
03 mix tape
04 From below
05 Now
06 We raise our glasses
07 Augustine
08 Happy single
09 Love sucks
10 Munich
11 Zack Boom (Soundtrack)
12 One More Punch (Soundtrack)