Mount Shasta Collective - Beast (CD) (5871711649945)

Mount Shasta Collective - Beast (CD)


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"OMG this is great", "Love it", "That rocks", "Wow this is amazing", "Will be success" That's what the more than 11,000 international viewers of the video for the song "The Red Below" called the Mount Shasta Collective released in advance of the recording of their second studio album.
After a major line-up change in 2012, the band has finally found themselves and their sound and is dying to present it on their album "Beast". The six musicians from Mount Shasta Collective forge their very own hot iron here from the fat guitar rock of stoner bands, the dense atmosphere of post-rock and the distinctive, rocking tube of their frontman Markus Künzel. In order to give the beast a face on the album cover, none other than "Raf the Might" (Rolling Stones, Mastodon, Slayer, etc.) is responsible for the artwork.

01 The Cold
02 The Red Below
03 fear
04 Beast
05 Hunt Them Down
06 Apathy
07 Flames
08 The Bells
09 Mount Shasta