Mr. Fandango - The Urban Spaceman (CD) (5871779152025)

Mr Fandango - The Urban Spaceman (CD)


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This constellation goes beyond the image of the power trio A singing drummer who lets his expressive voice live and suffer and also plays the drums powerfully and casually. A guitarist who impresses with his creamy, dirty riffs and virtuoso guitar solos! A bassist who underpins the band's sound with sometimes groovy stomping, sometimes filigree passages. "The blues rock pumps through the chest, the groove reaches out to dance, the melodies dig straight into the heart." With their debut "The Urban Spaceman", Mr. Fandango embark on a multifaceted journey through space and time and equip the planet Visit Rock, Blues, Pop and Psychedelic! This band lives above all from the energy and dedication on stage and asks the audience to ignite all engines together!

01 Treat Your Legs Oh' Stomping
02 The Urban Spaceman
03 Who Is To Blame?
04 inner circle
05 Church Of The Broken Bell
06 Effigy