Müller & Masó - Im Bann des Zeitfressers (CD) (5871797207193)

Müller & Masó - Under the spell of the time waster (CD)


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Philip says: "Attention, attention! All puppet theaters have to close by the end of the month.” Will Director Müller and his puppet Masó be able to avert the threat?
A striking speaker takes you into a fast-paced story with loving characters. You will get to know the world of Müller & Masó in accurate songs from folk to hip-hop. You will meet Philip with the flat screen TV and his henchmen MC Sony and Grundigger. The three lure the director with a contract.
In a resourceful story, Müller & Masó track down the important things in life in the best Michael Ende manner.

01 Introduction
02 What did I do wrong?
03 mind games
04 The Little Theater
05 Yesterday and today
06 Excuses Song
07 The newcomer
08 news
09 Is he crazy?
10 Outright lied
11 electric shock
12 Electric Boogie
13 Spirit of optimism
14 Let's Go