Música de Barrio - Romance de Barrio (CD) (5871735472281)

Música de Barrio - Romance de Barrio (CD)


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Far removed from fashions and clichés, the Musica de Barrio project pursues a line that springs from the tradition of improvised music. That is what makes their music the music of the district, a district somewhere in the world where music is a lively part of everyday life, unvarnished and honest. Musica de Barrio draws from the rich source of traditional and modern music. "The trio offers an exciting mixture of tango, French musette and jazz, which draws a very special tension from spectacular contrasts and surprising turns." Tenor saxophone and accordion flirt, argue and dance with each other to surrender to the sound space of the grand piano.

01 Larga las Penas
02 Romance de Barrio
03 Adios Nonino
04 El segundo loco
05 whimsy
06 Tang Oh?
07 La Trampera
08 Alfonsina y el mar
09 Edellesi
10 Le Voyage de découverte
11 milonga sentimental