Musical Delight  - Zu Besuch bei Familie Bach (CD) (5871779872921)

Musical Delight - Visiting the Bach Family (CD)


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A visit to the Bach family - it could have been fictitious: father Bach invites his family to a musical get-together. Three of his sons - Carl Philipp Emanuel, Wilhelm Friedemann and Johann Christoph Friedrich present a few samples of their work. And Johann Sebastian's music sounds as well. Perhaps there are also a few musician friends among the select group who will help to convert the notes into music? Nothing of the sort has survived, but it is certain that JS Bach always opened his house to those interested in music and that chamber music and making music at home played an important role. All of his children received more or less intensive music lessons from him, all sang in choirs or learned to play an instrument.
The recording producer of this recording is the Grammy award winner Renate Wolter-Seevers, who has preserved the wonderful interpretations of the Bach works in an excellent sound.

Traverso: Replica of a baroque traverso by CA Grenser, built in 2002 by Eugéne Crijnen
Lute: Arciliuto, 14 courses, built in 2004 by Hendrik Hasenfuss based on a model by Raillich (1644)

1. Sonata in G major Adagio
2. Sonata in G major Allegro
3. Sonata in G major Vivace
4. Sonata in C major Andante
5. Sonata in C major Allegro
6. Sonata in C major Adagio
7. Sonata in C major Menuet I and II
8. Prelude in C minor (BWV 999)
9. Sonata in F major Allegretto
10. Sonata in F major Minuetto
11. Sonata in E minor Allegro ma non tanto