Musique en route - Maminka (CD) (5871755722905)

Musique en route - Maminka (CD)


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At a concert by the band musique en route, it's easy to completely devote yourself to their varied folk music. It's no wonder that this ensemble consists of extremely experienced musicians who have played on numerous stages. As a guest, you can just as easily immerse yourself in an extremely rich world of sound, a kaleidoscope of styles, traditions and newly interpreted songs from all corners of Eastern Europe. Accordion, double bass, guitar, violin and vocals ring out, but also more exotic instruments such as the oriental darabukka or the kanna, a milk jug from Hungary used as a percussion instrument - always a new discovery. Her contagious joy of playing is unique, her irrepressible desire to interact with the audience in the most direct way and to pass on her joy in music unchanged. Spontaneously, honestly and always with the aim of leaving behind a lasting concert experience. In musique en route, everyone pulls together; a band that has its heart in the right place and gives new shine to time-honoured sounds.

01 Cadaneasca
02 Maminka
03 Rua Quince
04 Nane Tsokha
05 Martesa Ime
06 Rokatanc
07 Joulik
08 Mukav Tu
09 Hava Nagila
10 Tues Golden Pave