Myrddin - Bridges (CD) (5871674982553)

Myrddin - Bridges (CD)


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Whether on big stages, in clubs or pubs - the musicians of Myrddin inspire with their joy of playing and their originality, with their desire to explore boundaries and sometimes even to break them. So the songs are often quite progressive - experimental arrangements that don't necessarily stick to standardized song structures.
The aim and hope of the ensemble is to create something completely new - something that transcends borders and hasn't been heard before. With this type of music, the band has quickly become an integral part of the regional and national folk scene and has attracted the attention of numerous media, especially since the release of "Bridges".
Excursions in the direction of jazz, funk or the oriental region are also permitted - this is what makes the music of the ensemble so varied.
Nevertheless, Myrddin always return to their roots: traditional Celtic folklore. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes funny, sometimes extremely danceable. In a nutshell: Progressive Celtic Folk.

01 Andro Africain
02 Siúbhan Ni Dhuibhir
03 Celtic Autumn
04 Spancil Hill
05 Rising of the Moon
06 Sansula
07 King's child