Mystigma - Unter Wölfen (CD) (5871780954265)

Mystigma - Among Wolves (CD)


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"Unter Wölfen" is the fifth studio album by the quartet around the brothers Torsten (vocals) and Jörg Bäumer (guitar, keys), which has been operating under the name Mystigma since 2005. Flanked by Stephan Richter (bass) and Malte Hagedorn (drums), the creative duo withdrew to the band's own studio for a few months to open a new chapter in the Mystigma history. Reflecting on their own preferences and roots, which have always been characterized by a much-quoted melancholy and gloom, the band formed a twelve-song work with "Unter Wölfen", which without question has to be described as the current highlight in the discography of the 4-piece . The foundation and focus of the new output is once again the always recognizable singing of T. Bäumer, which has its own character and inimitable transports the message of the album, which is again written entirely in German.
In addition to personal experiences and observations, there is, and this is new, an increasingly socially critical note in the lyrics. Sometimes leaving room for interpretation, sometimes direct and uncompromising, they don't shy away from penetrating into painful abysses. Because in an increasingly changing society, in which not only a noticeable brutalization finds its way, quite a few of us feel "among wolves". Whether driving gothic metal breakers like the opener "Gewritten in Blood", mystical oriental dark rock hymns with a pop aura ("Turn around", "Lost Time") or the homage to the 80s ("Neptun 's Mond"), the band is more mature and diverse than ever. With "Colonia Dignidad" they also venture into unimagined, almost progressive-morbid sound structures in order to heave their own sound spectrum to new levels in a surprising way.
Finally, with Bennie Cellini (Letzte Instance), they got an excellent artist on board as a guest musician, who shines in three pieces with beautiful cello interludes. "Unter Wölfen" is therefore an authentic statement based on experience, which unites the band's own claim to always remain true to itself and at the same time to constantly develop further. This time completely self-produced and mixed and mastered by Dennis Mikus at Horrisonus Studio Witten, "Unter Wölfen" impresses with an energetic and warm sound robe and thus underlines the highly individual and recognizable artistic peculiarity that Mystigma have developed over the years.

01 Written in blood
02 coma
03 Turn around
04 traces of war
05 Empty Words
06 Neptune's moon
07 Among Wolves
08 Superbia
09 Hydra
10 Colonia Dignidad
11 Lost Time
12 Desdemona