Naked Hazelbeard - No Borders (CD) (5871741206681)

Naked Hazelbeard - No Borders (CD)


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"Naked Hazelbeard" play acoustic rock with a smoky, whiskey-soaked voice. Singer and guitarist Jan Weitzenbürger, otherwise active in the metal band "Killing Age" and the stoner rockers "Conquered Mind", shows his calm, soulful side with this project. He is supported by Martin Blanchard (bass), Jan Keller (guitar) and Katharina Grohmann (cajon, percussions), who provide the perfect contrast to Jan's voice with her wonderfully soft backing vocals. Together the quartet creates a unique blend of rock, blues and grunge inspired by the likes of Zakk Wylde, Johnny Cash and Everlast. A sound that not only makes the hearts of acoustic lovers beat faster.
At the end of 2013 the band from Esslingen released their first self-produced EP. After playing their way through German pubs and clubs for two years, their debut album "Between The Lines" followed in early 2016 and now their second album within a year with "No Borders".

01 Change My Ways
02 Tall I've Stood
03 Trust Yourself
04 Salty
05 Satisfied
06 Fix My Mind
07 Strand Love
08 Alone
09 Every moment
10 positives
11 The Blues
12 Fears