Nejat Dimili - Ambivalans (CD) (5871756214425)

Nejat Dimili - Ambivalans (CD)


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Nejat Dimili's songs dance cautiously to melodies that reveal no identity whatsoever. Somewhere in the mist they unite with dark-cold lyrics that drip down from the desolate heights of romance.
A heavy bass and dramatic synthesizers that float out of the speakers towards the listener present motifs like smoke - difficult to grasp and unclearly defined. His stories seem to come from a dream stuck somewhere between sleep and wakefulness.
His songs harbor confused souls and confront the listener with sheer loneliness, which Dimili delivers with the utmost sincerity - and perhaps this numb feeling is what is romantic about his songs.

01 Sus Onlara
02 Bazen
03 Aksamustu
04 1/2
05 Ben Zaten
06 Yok Mu Kimse
07 Yalanlarindan
08 Duvar Diplerim
09 Ah Sen
10 Hepsini Cope Attim