Nezzer - Control/Radio (Maxi Single CD) (5871692513433)

Nezzer - Control/Radio (Maxi Single CD)


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Music editor Jaques Period (amateur internet radio music alternative magazine "Le's fantes", Bad Gandersheim): "And of course we also have to talk about your new double single, 'Radio' and 'Control'. Honestly, imaginative song titles aren't exactly your forte!
Tifty (singer nezzer): "That's not right, because..." Perio'de: (interrupts harshly) "...well, heard it a thousand times! Did Joy Division, and not only them! You guys are always so Joy Division anyway. Say everyone. Totally out now. And I googled that, the song title is over 15 thousand times. Pretty weak stuff. Very weak, so weak!
Murphy (bass player nezzer): "Be glad that we don't just sing about love, love, love." Perio'de: "Yes, yes, I am too. But still. Although... I actually really like the songs. Got hooks, loud guitars, cool effects, zeitgeist. are hits. Can you drive a car and it's still somehow indie and also rock. And: unembarrassing. And: awesome cover!!"
Tifty: Yes, very cool cover. Extremely cool cover! Overcover!!!!”
Marco (guitarist nezzer): "I did it!!"
Philipp (also guitarist nezzer): "Crap title, cool cover, what's wrong with you? It fits. Better than the other way around.”

01 controls
02 radio
03 Control (Soundpark Remix)
04 Lipstick (Live)
05 Send Me Out (Live)
06 Soil (Live)
07 My Eyes (Live)