nezzer - Red Plastic (LP + Bonus CD) (5906919653529)

nezzer - Red Plastic (LP + Bonus CD)


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The diamond moves lightly, almost dancing, through the grooves of the red plastic. Suspended from the turntable system, it makes a journey through noise, melodies, refrains and verses - and sometimes through silence.
Somewhere the diamond suddenly feels the whiff of the late sixties and sees The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol blurred next to him. Later, he is also said to be dealing with the aftertaste of David Bowie, a noisy, nagging Iggy Pop and the pounding, dry beats of Joy Division. Wait a minute: you can even guess Duran Duran on the horizon... at the end of the red plastic...
This is how the diamond needle of the record player would probably describe the "red plastic" experience. Several years of band experience, countless performances between the basement and the festival stage, the five Osnabrück musicians distilled "nezzer" and pressed it into 180 grams of vinyl. In red! Because red pops.
And red is also the blood and the life and the death. That's what "red plastic" is all about – that a simple piece of plastic can be anything and nothing for the listener – a bible or a simple commodity. Just red plastic...

01 radio
02 controls
03 Send me out
04 Red Plastic
05 Wasted
06 Lipsticks
07 And I
08 Insight
09 Lord of Lies
10 mate
11 dirt