Ni Ju San - Gloria (CD) (5871825092761)

Ni Ju San - Gloria (CD)


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Founded in 2003, Ni Ju San - a punk rock band from Wermelskirchen in the beautiful Bergisches Land - rose to become a regional punk great with their first two self-produced albums. In 2005 the two in-house productions were re-released and by 2008 two more studio albums followed, a live & unplugged album and a live album, which was released as a live DVD at the same time.
Even if Ni Ju San describe themselves as a punk rock band, the band traditionally writes “rock” in capital letters, because the whole thing has only marginally to do with punk in the narrower sense.
The guys are clearly on the left politically, which you can clearly see in one or the other of the lyrics, but Ni Ju San also often have small and large (inter)personal themes on the lyrical menu. It's - in short - about God and the world, mostly in German. In 2012, Ni Ju San released another 5-track EP and after almost 200 concerts almost completely withdrew from live operations.
After a mere eight years, Ni Ju San now deliver the soundtrack of their resurrection with their album Gloria - the first sign of life after such a long radio silence could hardly be more appropriate.

01 glory
02 Long Next
03 Carnival
04 Catalina
05 you
06 heaps of ash
07 With you
08 Ronnie
09 heart on fire
10 soul eaters
11 pieces of happiness
12 don't give a fuck