Niels Cremer - Of Dogs And Bones (CD) (5906919850137)

Niels Cremer - Of Dogs And Bones (CD)


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Niels Cremer is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and singer; his craft are songs that effortlessly build stylistic bridges between folk and country as well as modern stylistic elements of pop music. Music that has developed over the years into an authentic repertoire that is rooted in acoustic singer-songwriter tradition, but always remains independent.
On the now released debut CD "Of Dogs And Bones" he continues his very own style of modern folk music; a style that he already found for himself on the EP "Seed, Creed & Generation" released last year.
Texts that reflect the narrator's cosmopolitanism and yet open up very personal niches of familiar stories for every listener are creatively packed into songs whose versatile instrumentation is as varied as their moods - where mandolin, slide guitar or blues harp pick up the hook line, where the banjo drives and Niels' straightforward acoustic guitar gives the music its very own character.
Niels Cremer - Fine New Folk.

01 The quiet acres of your soul
02 country boy
03 Crazy
04 Further from the truth
05 Heart on my sleeve
06 time
07 Nothing else remains
08 Space odyssey
09 Your name
10 You cant tell
11 When I'm finally gone
12 Crazy