niila - abheutsindwirnichtmehralleine (CD) (5871673344153)

niila - today we are not alone anymore (CD)


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"I felt buttery smooth, my head was spinning, I even forgot to
breathe. That was the future.” This is how young Matti describes his first encounter with rock n roll. With Elvis and the 'Jailhouse Rock'. Matti's buddy's name is Niila. Together they experience childhood and youth in the 1960s on the Danish-Swedish border in Mikael Niemi's novel Popular Music from Vittula.
Singer and guitarist Daniel explains the connection to the book and Matti's silent companion as follows: “For us, Niila symbolizes the true, unadulterated love of music and rock music. For us, he is the epitome of friendship, love and longing.” Accordingly, Daniel Hirschligau, Simon Geuchen (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Kati Hollstein (bass, vocals) and Michael are leaving
Schellhammer (drums) also approach their music: They unleash storms of guitar and organ, only to be back with sugar-sweet melodies the next moment
Telling stories that have a sense of the honest and the fragile
to express.
Niila sing about "uncoolness" and in their lyrics they are not afraid to say what would otherwise remain unspoken: awakening, love, death, redemption.

01 The tingling of 1000 little legs / They cry our tears
02 Big love forever / The cherry tree is bleeding from its scars
03 The Labyrinth / In a world of fun and happiness
04 Why do you want to destroy yourself / Your beautiful hands have trembled long enough
05 Drinking coke / We laughed and were happy
06 at night / Kissing with tongue for the first time
07 Pale and young and good / We kept ourselves alive
08 The spit on your tongue / Who throws the first stone
09 The Wedding / You are my wife
10 The girl without hands / She grew up with the wolves
11 Anna dreams of Hollywood / Your wish is a red ribbon
12 Self-deception / I don't know if that will last