Nina Omilian - (pure) (CD) (5871702704281)

Nina Omilian - (pure) (CD)


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"Pure" - these are Nina's personal "Once Singing and Dying" charts". Most of these songs are about searching and finding. About the fact that you have to start and let go again and again in order to arrive. Also about the fact that we always end up with ourselves in the search for happiness. "Like flotsam that always washes up on the same shore and can eventually stop wondering about it."
"Pure" stands above all for the vocal purity, clear phrasing and the delicate tonal nuances of the tonal design typical of the singer.
music to listen to. Heart songs, full of poetry, humanity, sometimes also critical. Songs that let you see a path where there just didn't seem to be one. Songs for people who listen with their hearts. Actually, songs for everyone!”
“Almost unnoticed by all performers, the element of water found its way into the album while we were working. In the depths of the lyrics of Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Kate Bush and other innocent victims. Suddenly a blue thread led from song to song.” Certainly no coincidence, the singer describes her own way, away from the great arias of operatic art and out of the supposedly glamorous international event scene, as one of retreat and contemplation.
"During the work on "Pure" I was allowed to find my musical shore. Great view. The new perspectives were worth the long journey and the hinterland already promises new adventures.
The ship has been steered from the start by the incomparable guitarist, arranger and producer, Ian Melrose. Without him I would have been shipwrecked several times in the storm surge of my musical desires. And the imagined and real, recurring crises of my existence, which is still at times operatic, both in life and in music. The fact that I was able to find my way with him, to bathe in this sonic luxury, to try myself out, is too great a privilege to enjoy alone. I am so excited to be able to share this album with everyone now!”

01 I Had a King
02 No Frontiers
03 Man with the Child in His Eyes
04 Cactus Tree
05 Wrong and Right
06 Song to a Seagull
07 Carolina Rua
08 Jesse
09 Columbus
10 The Cloud
11 The Song of the Sea Goat
12 I Think It's Going to Rain Today
13 Diving into Blue