Nine-T-Nine - Time And Water (CD) (5871803433113)

Nine-T-Nine - Time And Water (CD)


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Classic rock from the 80s! Nine-T-Nine - The six men from Hamburg, who only become complete with their female background voice, understand the music from the time of the great successes of Foreigner, Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams and carry every classic rock fan with them.
The glorious seven know how to turn guitar riffs and keyboard parts into hymns, paired with an unmistakable front voice. Since their founding year in 1999, the musicians have dedicated themselves entirely to the genre of melodic rock and have already achieved more than only a respectable success!
The band lays an impressive foundation of power and heart and sets standards that need not fear comparison with well-known international stars of the AOR scene. Now the second studio album "Time and Water" - long awaited by her fans - is released.
With 15 expressive tracks, this album shows the wide range of their musical skills. Be curious and look forward to a good portion of solid rock. Made in Hamburg. Made by Nine-T-Nine!

01 LongWay
02 Give It Up (Heart Over Mind)
03 Deep From The Heart
04 Prelude CPFL
05 Can't Pay For Love
06 Home Alone
07 My way
08 Take Me Away