Nineteen Eighty - Big Love Is Waiting (CD) (5871784296601)

Nineteen Eighty - Big Love Is Waiting (CD)


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The Phil Collins for softies, the illegitimate son of the Pet Shop Boys, the Flash Gordon of Saxony-Anhalt or simply: Ingmar Schulze aka "Nineteen Eighty". Who is behind this? A guy with sunglasses, dancing in a caftan in the caravan and on the meadow and making big love gestures? This guy sticks in your head!
The gifted drummer, music teacher, composer, pop musician and esthete finally wants to conquer the pop world. He only needs two things for this: his keytar from a galaxy far, far away and himself. With his debut album "Big Love Is Waiting", the native of Haldensleber presents ten powerful songs with stylish sounds, grandiose hooks and queer 80s attitude, which have washed.
His goal: to land a radio hit in order to finally have the wherewithal to start a love sect on a farm. There he would like to work as a guru for the rest of his life.

01 I Start To Get In
02 I'm Riding
03 Big Love Is Waiting
04 War Now
05 In A Lifetime
06 You Freak Out
07 Help Me
08 You call
09 I'm Your Need
10 It's The Summertime