Nordsnø Ensemble - s/t (CD) (5871741960345)

Nordsnø Ensemble - s/t (CD)


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Inspired by the melodies of folk music, the ensemble creates a soundscape that on the one hand offers enough space for each melody and on the other hand gives the eight musicians room for creative improvisations. Both when selecting the songs and when arranging them, the aim was to portray the different moods and colors of winter and the contemplative nature of the Christmas season. The arranger Vincent Dombrowski used a wide variety of musical style elements for this. In addition to quiet, contemplative sounds, dark and stressful phases also find their way into the music again and again. The ensemble tries to present the contrasts of the cold season in their music and to show the magic of these very contrasts.
In addition to the melodic level, Helena Benkendorff's voice also brings the lyrical into play. She sings the well-known lyrics in English, German and Norwegian. Her voice, sometimes powerful and loud, sometimes fragile and magical, enchants the listener with the emotion of a clear timbre.
Nordsnø Ensemble uses the size of its line-up to create smaller ensembles from within. The right cast is chosen for each piece in order to create the desired mood and to awaken feelings or memories of winter and the Advent season in the audience.

01 Varvinda Friska
02 A rose has sprung
03 River
04 White Coat
05 What Child Is This
06 Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker
07 Fragile
08 Upraised
09 Maria went through a thorn forest
10 Maria Går Blant Tornekratt
11 Na Tennes Tusen Julelys