Nordward Ho - Tanz & Meuterei (CD)

Nordward Ho - Dance & Mutiny (CD)


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Nordward Ho - these are seasoned and authentic musicians with a maritime background. The four coastal rockers tell entertaining musical stories from the north and from other coasts of this world; with charm, wit and a good pinch of irony. Straightforward songs with driving riffs from their own pen, powerful beats that are spicy mixed with pop, reggae, funk and blues. There are also hearty traditionals as well as German rock and shanty rock, which everyone knows and sings along with. Nordward Ho - that's the unbroken desire to play live and to take the audience on a rock 'n' roll catch trip again and again.
The Nordward-Ho team and their "rock'n roll shrimp cutter" call at harbor and city festivals, large and small clubs and festivals. Powerful with a powerful atmosphere! With their current longplayer "Tanz & Muterei" the four northern lights take you on a long journey...

01 Here on my Hallig
02 Rock'n'Roll Fossils
03 North Sea boogie
04 We love the storms
05 Big booty
06 Mermaid
07 Dance with me
08 The Last Ride (Irene O.)
09 mutiny
10 Keen een rut
11 True love
12 Aloha hey hey
13 Drunk Sailor