Nosaer - Signals from Eternity (CD) (6145668022425)

Nosaer - Signals from Eternity (CD)


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What happens when a mature songwriter and singer teams up with an accomplished rock drummer and studio freak, both musically and privately? The result is somewhere between sofa, kitchen and studio, an eclectic collection of songs that are a bit out of date, but still sound surprisingly modern. Traditional songwriting on guitar or piano, paired with working in their own high-tech studio, without the producer or label constantly checking the clock, allowed the NOSAER protagonists Felician Siebenstaern and Micha Strauss to get to the heart of their songs, completely no matter how long it took. With "Signals From Eternity" a completely successful, organic album developed over three years, definitely with mainstream appeal, but completely without pandering to current pop trends. The two finally mixed the work in a pop-up studio on the west coast of Ireland, which you can hear in the result in a subtle way, at least as far as the vibe is concerned. Atmospheric sounds like the tracks “Black To Wide” or “Signals To Eternity” are joined by songs with hit potential, like “Hide Yourself” with its great (and big) chorus. Clean and heavier guitars mix with elegiac synthesizer pads; the drums often have their own gait and stand out pleasantly from the contemporary minimalism of bang-bang-bang-bang. The album has a musical and emotional depth and breadth that is remarkable. Drummer and producer Micha Strauss once said in a quiet hour: "Drumming saved my life when I was 13." For Felician Siebenstaern, sounds, words and colors have formed an interwoven unit since early childhood, which she shapes into stories in her songs.
If you listen deeply to the songs, you suddenly understand what it means when music becomes an essential expression of your life.
Felician Siebenstaern challenges the listener with introspective lyrics that reflect a not inconsiderable life experience. The “inner noise of life that drives you on”, as she reports, is the basis of her often pleasantly melancholy, but always positive writing. Crucial personal experiences, accepting the recurring changes in life and the courage to look behind the facades and surfaces are Felician's themes.
With their debut, NOSAER throw an international rock album with pop charm into the world for adults or those who want to become one. And the world deserves to hear!

01 Hide Yourself
02 Hurting
03 Kill Ma Heart
04 Rudiments
05 Santurina
06 set buzz
07 Signals From Eternity
08 Wake Me Save Me
09 Wastelands
10 When It's Dark
11 Black To Wide