Nump - Sun is cycling (CD) (5871764111513)

Nump - Sun is cycling (CD)


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Sporty, sporty: Somewhere between modern metal, alternative rock with progressive influences and powerful stadium rock, Nump master the balancing act between convention and musical standards in an almost acrobatic manner. The music of the Franconian fivesome varies deliberately, sometimes even provocatively, between heavy 7-string riffing and atmospheric balladesque epic, but always comes up with well thought-out song structures.
On the one hand, the guys thrash with tight force and meter-high guitar walls, only to lose themselves in minimalist sound experiments the next moment and at the same time prove with an almost casual matter-of-factness that the art of the guitar solo is far from dead in modern rock and metal. It is precisely this contrast that is Nump's characteristic stylistic element, which serves as the framework for her musical work.
2017 saw the release of Nump's fourth studio album "Sun Is Cycling" with nine brand new songs. Neat groove, catchy hooklines and high suitability for live served as the specifications for the songwriting. In terms of sound, a decent shovel could also be added compared to the previous albums.
Quite clearly: the music is really fun, also because it quickly becomes clear that there is also a lot of craftsmanship on offer. Songwriter Thorsten Geschwandtner demonstrates an outstanding songwriting talent and is supported by singer Christian Seynstahl with partly genre-untypical melodic, partly powerful vocal lines. The musical empathy results in the coherent overall picture: the band Nump.

01 Fire
02 Social Cancer
03 Cold At Night
04 Modern Slaves
05 So Far Away
06 How Sad A Fate
07 Bloodlines
08 Blood On Their Hands
09 Sun Is Cycling